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Push for the Park

Live Oak PSBA Mission Statement:

To promote physical fitness through the development and stewardship of safe, freely accessible
public parks for Parkour, Skating,  and  Bikes
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parkour fixing a house PSBA

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What is Parkour

Often called “free running” and is the art of performing a series of jumps, flips and movements using obstacles already in your environment.  Originated in France and being pushed in the UK as a parkourfuture Olympic sport. It can be done anywhere and cost nothing.

Key Requirements:  Flexibility, Agility, Mental Strength, Dedication/Discipline, Imagination and be Adventurous  


Live Oak Fitness Park

Draft of the proposed Fitness Park in Live Oak, TX.


Skateboarding is a  continually developing individual sport with its origins dating back to the 1940s when California surfers wanted something to surf when the waves were flat. It can be a recreational activity, an art form, a job or transportation.  In recognition of the modern sport and it’s positive influence on youth, in 2007 Congress established June 21st as National Skateboarding Day and is  actively being pursued as one of the next Olympic sports. 


bikingFor the PSBA, BMX Freestyle is the current bike focus. 

BMX started in the early ‘70s  with
off-road biking and morphed into an individual sport where riders push their stylistic limits on what they can do on their bikes.  It’s a staple event at the annual Summer X Games and promotes competition, good sportsmanship, and outstanding outdoor physical activity.

The PSB Combo
Combo MealGET INVOLVED!Family  

Enjoy scheduled activities, guest appearances, workshops, fund raising events, and  park promotions.

Jump in and help turn the dream park from concept to reality.

Join the Fun—Call or visit us! 

The PSBA is a group of youth and adults who share the passion for fitness and PSB sports.

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Live Oak Fitness Park

Contact us to learn more about the PSBA and park sponsorships:

Bob Tullgren
(210) 378-6129


Live Oak PSB Association
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